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Ramadan Calendar 2024 Bangladesh with Sehri and Iftar Time – Islamic Foundation Calendar

Bangladesh Ramadan Calendar 2024 with Sehri and Iftar Time Table

With the sighting of the crescent moon, Bangladesh gears up for Ramadan 2024, a month dedicated to fasting, prayer, and community bonding. Anticipated to start on March 12, 2024, and conclude on April 10, 2024, this period is one of profound spiritual reflection and communal harmony across the nation. Ramadan 2024 sehri and iftar time in Bangladesh, Dhaka time with the calendar is available in the article.

Ramadan 2024 Calendar Bangladesh

The Ramadan calendar for Bangladesh in 2024 will provide Muslims across the country with essential information about Sehri and Iftar times, enabling them to observe fasting with precision. The calendar typically includes:

  1. Date: Each day of Ramadan, along with corresponding dates in the Gregorian and Hijri calendars.
  2. Sehri Time: The time for beginning the pre-dawn meal (Suhoor/Sehri), allowing fasting individuals to consume food before the fast begins at Fajr (dawn).
  3. Iftar Time: The time for breaking the fast (Iftar), usually marked by the call to Maghrib prayer at sunset.

Ramadan Calendar 2024 With Sehri and Iftar Time Table

Ramadan Time Schedule 2024
Hijri 1445

Dhaka, Bangladesh (GMT +6)

1st 10 Days
RamadanDateDaySehri Time (am)Iftar Time (pm)
112 MarchTuesday04:5106:10
213 MarchWednesday04:5006:10
314 MarchThursday04:4906:11
415 MarchFriday04:4806:11
516 MarchSaturday04:4706:12
617 MarchSunday04:4606:12
718 MarchMonday04:4506:12
819 MarchTuesday04:4406:13
920 MarchWednesday04:4306:13
1021 MarchThursday04:4206:13
2nd 10 Days
1122 MarchFriday04:4106:14
1223 MarchSaturday04:4006:14
1324 MarchSunday04:3906:14
1425 MarchMonday04:3806:15
1526 MarchTuesday04:3606:15
1627 MarchWednesday04:3506:16
1728 MarchThursday04:3406:16
1829 MarchFriday04:3306:17
1930 MarchSaturday04:3106:17
2031 MarchSunday04:3006:18
3rd 10 Days
2101 AprilMonday04:2906:18
2202 AprilTuesday04:2806:19
2303 AprilWednesday04:2706:19
2404 AprilThursday04:2606:19
2505 AprilFriday04:2406:20
2606 AprilSaturday04:2406:20
2707 AprilSunday04:2306:21
2808 AprilMonday04:2206:21
2909 AprilTuesday04:2106:21
3010 AprilWednesday04:2006:22

Download Ramadan Calendar 2024

To facilitate the observance of Ramadan 2024 in Bangladesh, a downloadable Ramadan calendar with Sehri and Iftar time schedules can be made available. This digital resource ensures accessibility for Muslims across the country, enabling them to access accurate fasting timings conveniently. With the calendar at their fingertips, individuals can organize their routines, plan meals, and allocate time for worship and reflection effectively.

Download Ramadan Calendar 2024 Iftar Sehri Time Image

Download Ramadan Calendar 2024 PDF

Islamic Foundation Ramadan Calendar 2024 Bangladesh

Islamic Foundation Bangladesh Ramadan Calendar 2024 for Iftar and Sehri Time. (Dhaka Time)

Ramadan 2024 Sehri Iftar Time Schedule by Islamic Foundation Bangladesh Dhaka


Importance of a Ramadan Calendar

A Ramadan calendar serves as a crucial tool for Muslims, aiding them in planning their daily activities around fasting and prayers. It ensures that individuals are aware of the precise times for beginning and ending their fasts, allowing them to fulfill their religious obligations effectively. Moreover, the calendar fosters a sense of unity and community as Muslims come together to observe this sacred month.

Spiritual Engagement and Community Solidarity

Ramadan’s essence in Bangladesh transcends mere abstinence from food and drink; it encompasses increased devotional practices, charitable deeds, and fostering community ties. Mosques become hubs of activity, hosting Tarawih prayers, while the spirit of Zakat (charitable giving) is manifested through generous contributions to the less fortunate, exemplifying the ethos of communal support and empathy.

Culinary Heritage

Iftar in Bangladesh is a vibrant affair, marked by an array of traditional delicacies that include dates, samosas, pakoras, and an assortment of sweets. These culinary traditions not only cater to the breaking of the fast but also serve as a means of cultural expression and familial bonding. Sehri, though more subdued, is equally vital, providing the necessary nourishment for the day’s fast.

Wellness and Mindfulness

Acknowledging the physical demands of fasting, there is a focus on ensuring well-being through balanced nutrition, hydration, and adjusted physical activities. This holistic approach towards fasting emphasizes the importance of health and spiritual well-being during Ramadan.

Acts of Kindness and Philanthropy

The ethos of Ramadan in Bangladesh is significantly marked by acts of kindness and philanthropy. Community iftars, food distributions, and other charitable activities are commonplace, reinforcing the societal fabric of unity and compassion.

Cultural and Social Dimensions of Ramadan

Ramadan in Bangladesh is also a time of cultural significance, with traditional events, storytelling sessions, and religious lectures taking place throughout the month. These gatherings serve not only as educational platforms but also as opportunities for cultural exchange and strengthening community ties.

Reflection and Anticipation

As Bangladesh embraces Ramadan 2024, the anticipation for a month filled with devotion, reflection, and community engagement is palpable. In a world that often moves at a relentless pace, Ramadan offers a moment to pause, reflect on one’s faith, and connect with others on a deeply spiritual level. It is a time for Bangladeshis to reaffirm their commitment to their faith, to personal growth, and to the well-being of their community.

The observance of Ramadan in Bangladesh embodies the essence of Islamic teachings—spirituality, charity, and community. As the nation prepares for this sacred month, the collective spirit of anticipation, devotion, and community engagement heralds a period of profound significance, promising a time of renewal, reflection, and reconnection for all.

Community and Charitable Activities

The essence of Ramadan extends beyond personal reflection and into the realm of community service and charity. It is a time when Bangladeshis come together to perform acts of kindness, be it through organizing community Iftars, distributing food and essentials to those in need, or engaging in various forms of volunteer work. These activities reinforce the bonds of community and shared humanity, highlighting the collective spirit of the holy month.

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