Top 10 Popular Shopping Malls and Markets in Dhaka: Best for Shopping- Eid Especial

Dhaka, Bangladesh’s bustling capital, serves as a dynamic fusion of cultural heritage, historical richness, and economic activity. This city presents diverse shopping options that accommodate all preferences, requirements, and budget. From sprawling malls to bustling local markets, the city’s retail landscape is as diverse as its populace. The city’s shopping destinations range from luxurious malls equipped with international brands to traditional markets that have served the local communities for generations. Each market and mall has its own unique charm, contributing to Dhaka’s status as a shopper’s paradise.

While it’s challenging to rank these myriad shopping havens, as preferences can vary widely based on individual tastes, needs, and experiences, we have curated a list that reflects the popularity and appeal of the top 10 shopping malls in Dhaka from our perspective. This selection aims to provide a glimpse into the vast shopping opportunities that Dhaka has to offer, encompassing everything from high-end fashion and electronics to traditional crafts and fabrics.

Our guide to the top 10 shopping malls in Dhaka is crafted with the aim to serve as your go-to reference for a fulfilling shopping experience in this bustling metropolis. Whether you’re a local resident or a visiting tourist, these malls offer a comprehensive range of products and services, ensuring that your shopping needs are well met. From the architectural grandeur and luxurious ambiance of upscale malls to the vibrant and culturally rich atmosphere of traditional markets, our list promises a diverse and rewarding shopping journey across Dhaka.

Please note: The ranking presented here is subjective and based on our assessment of the overall shopping experience, including variety, quality, ambiance, and customer satisfaction. It is intended to guide and enhance your shopping endeavors in Dhaka, recognizing that personal preferences play a significant role in defining one’s favorite shopping destinations.

Top 10 Shopping Malls and Market in Dhaka City
Top 10 Shopping Malls and Market in Dhaka City

Top 10 Shopping Malls and Market in Dhaka City

Jamuna Future Park

Location: Jamuna Future Park is prominently located in Kuril, Dhaka, offering easy access from various parts of the city. As the largest shopping mall in Bangladesh, it serves as a major attraction for both locals and international tourists. The market is near Bashundha Residential Area’s main gate.

Type of Shops: This sprawling complex is home to a wide array of shops, including high-end international brands, local boutiques, electronic stores, home decor, bookshops, and a diverse food court. Its extensive retail mix caters to all ages and preferences, making it a comprehensive shopping destination.

Eid Shopping Suitability: Jamuna Future Park becomes a focal point for Eid shoppers, thanks to its vast selection of apparel, accessories, and electronics. The mall’s spacious layout accommodates large crowds comfortably, and many stores offer special Eid collections and discounts. With its festive decorations and extended shopping hours during the Eid season, Jamuna Future Park provides a vibrant and convenient shopping experience for families and individuals looking to fulfill their Eid shopping lists.

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

Location: Situated on Panthapath, Dhaka, Bashundhara City Shopping Complex is easily accessible and recognized as one of the city’s landmark shopping destinations. Visitors can also go via Metro Rail Karwan Bazar Station or Karwan Bazar More Point.

Type of Shops: Bashundhara City boasts a diverse mix of shops, including a wide range of clothing stores, electronics, jewelry, and a cinema hall for entertainment. The mall also houses numerous food outlets and a large indoor amusement park, making it an ideal destination for shopping and leisure.

Eid Shopping Suitability: Known for its extensive selection of clothing and electronics, Bashundhara City is a go-to mall for Eid shopping. It offers something for everyone, from the latest fashion trends to the newest gadgets. The mall is particularly popular during the Eid season for its festive atmosphere, special promotions, and discounts. Its blend of shopping, dining, and entertainment options ensures a fulfilling and enjoyable shopping experience for the entire family.

New Market

Location: Situated on Mirpur Road, Dhaka, New Market is a traditional shopping destination known for its historical significance and cultural vibrancy. The marke is opposite of Nilkhet book market which is near Dhaka University and Dhaka College.

Type of Shops: This lively marketplace is home to an extensive selection of stores offering apparel, footwear, accessories, and textiles. From traditional sarees to trendy outfits, New Market offers a variety of clothing options catering to all age groups and preferences. Additionally, shoppers can find a plethora of accessories and fabric options to tailor outfits to their liking.

Eid Shopping Suitability: New Market is especially popular during the Eid season, attracting shoppers looking for budget-friendly yet fashionable options. The market’s atmosphere turns exceptionally lively in the lead-up to Eid, with vendors showcasing an extensive range of Eid-specific attire and accessories. It’s a go-to place for those who enjoy the thrill of bargaining and are on the lookout for deals on high-quality products.

Shimanto Square

Location: Located in the heart of Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Shimanto Square is a modern shopping center catering to the diverse shopping needs of the urban populace. The market is near Jigatotla Bus Stand.

Type of Shops: Shimanto Square hosts a variety of shops including clothing stores, electronics, and lifestyle products. It provides a combination of both local and global brands, establishing itself as a flexible shopping spot. The mall also features several eateries, providing shoppers with numerous dining options to recharge during their shopping sprees.

Eid Shopping Suitability: With its modern ambiance and a wide range of shopping options, Shimanto Square is highly suitable for Eid shopping. The mall becomes a hub of activity during the Eid season, with special promotions and discounts on a variety of items. Whether it’s fashionable clothing, the latest gadgets, or unique gifts, Shimanto Square offers something for every Eid shopper.

North Tower Shopping Complex

Location: North Tower is strategically located in Uttara, Dhaka, making it an accessible shopping destination for residents of the northern part of the city.

Type of Shops: This complex is known for its wide selection of fashion wear, electronics, and home appliances. With stores ranging from affordable local brands to some international retailers, North Tower Shopping Complex caters to a broad customer base. The mall also houses several food outlets, offering refreshments to weary shoppers.

Eid Shopping Suitability: North Tower Shopping Complex stands out as an affordable shopping destination for Eid. It attracts a large number of shoppers looking for the latest in fashion and technology at competitive prices. The mall’s layout and variety of shops make it an ideal place for families to complete their Eid shopping in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Dhaka City Centre

Location: Dhaka City Centre is strategically located in the bustling area of Motijheel, serving as a central shopping hub in Dhaka.

Type of Shops: The mall features a curated selection of local and international brands, boutique shops, and food courts. Consumers can discover an extensive assortment of items, including quality clothing, accessories, gifts, and more. The presence of well-known brands alongside unique local finds makes it a versatile shopping destination.

Eid Shopping Suitability: With its central location and variety of shops, Dhaka City Centre is highly suitable for Eid shopping. The mall offers quality clothing options and gifts that cater to the festive needs of shoppers. During Eid, the mall comes alive with decorations and special offers, attracting shoppers looking for quality and convenience in their shopping experience. The presence of food courts and a cozy atmosphere enhances its attractiveness, positioning it as a favored spot for individuals aiming to finalize their Eid preparations in a convenient central setting.

Mirpur Benaroshi Polli

Location: Mirpur Benaroshi Polli is uniquely positioned in the Mirpur-10 area of Dhaka, a locale that has gained fame as the go-to destination for wedding shopping in Bangladesh. Its accessibility from various parts of the city makes it an attractive spot for those looking to purchase traditional attire for weddings and other significant occasions.

Type of Shops: Specializing in the exquisite art of Benaroshi sarees, Mirpur Benaroshi Polli is a treasure trove for bridal and ceremonial wear. The area is packed with shops that showcase a stunning variety of sarees, including authentic Benaroshi, Katan, Silk, and Jamdani, alongside a dazzling collection of Indian sarees. These shops don’t just stop at sarees; they also offer a breathtaking selection of lehengas, salwar kameez, and groom’s attire, making it a comprehensive wedding shopping destination. Each piece reflects the meticulous craftsmanship and rich textiles that South Asia is known for, offering designs that range from traditional to contemporary.

Wedding Shopping Suitability: Mirpur Benaroshi Polli is particularly renowned for its unparalleled selection of wedding attire. It is a paradise for brides-to-be and their families, providing endless options to choose from for their special day. The area becomes even more vibrant during the wedding season, with shops offering custom tailoring services to ensure the perfect fit and look. The competitive pricing and the ability to customize designs make it an irresistible shopping destination for wedding preparations. The atmosphere in Mirpur Benaroshi Polli is always festive, with shopkeepers and artisans dedicated to helping customers find the perfect outfit for their wedding, making shopping here not just a necessity but a cherished pre-wedding ritual.

Gulshan Pink City Shopping Complex

Location: Nestled in the upscale area of Gulshan, Dhaka, Pink City Shopping Complex is a premier shopping destination that offers an exclusive shopping experience.

Type of Shops: Pink City caters to a high-end clientele, featuring luxury brands, beauty products, and upscale dining options. The complex is home to a myriad of shops selling designer apparel, jewelry, and cosmetics, catering to those with a taste for luxury and elegance.

Eid Shopping Suitability: Pink City becomes a focal point for luxury Eid shopping, offering exclusive collections and limited-edition items perfect for the festive season. The complex’s tranquil ambiance and sophisticated decor enhance the shopping experience, making it ideal for those looking to indulge in high-end shopping for Eid. Special promotions and events during the Eid season add to the allure, attracting shoppers seeking premium products and services.

Eastern Plaza Shopping Complex

Location: Situated in the vibrant Hatirpool district of Dhaka, Eastern Plaza Shopping Complex stands out as a sought-after spot, famed for its extensive selection of budget-friendly shopping choices.

Type of Shops: Eastern Plaza hosts a diverse assortment of shops, including clothing, mobile phones, cosmetics, and more. The complex is particularly known for its affordable apparel and tech gadgets, catering to a broad demographic. Shoppers can explore an array of both local and international labels, rendering it an all-encompassing hub for varied shopping requirements.

Eid Shopping Suitability: During Eid, Eastern Plaza transforms into a bustling center of commerce, featuring an abundance of specials and markdowns across a broad spectrum of items. Its affordability and variety make it especially suitable for budget-conscious shoppers looking to maximize their Eid shopping. The complex’s vibrant atmosphere, combined with the festive decorations, creates a joyful shopping experience for families and individuals alike.

Police Plaza Concord Shopping Mall

Location: Situated in the heart of Gulshan, Dhaka, Police Plaza Concord Shopping Mall is a modern shopping center that blends convenience with variety. Nearest land mark is Hatir Jheel Lake.

Type of Shops: This mall features an extensive selection of branded apparel, electronics, and a diverse food court. With a mix of local and international brands, Police Plaza Concord caters to shoppers looking for quality and variety. The mall also offers several lifestyle and beauty stores, making it a comprehensive destination for all shopping needs.

Eid Shopping Suitability: Police Plaza Concord is well-prepared for the Eid season, offering a wide range of festive clothing, gadgets, and accessories. The mall’s promotions and special Eid discounts attract a large number of shoppers, making it a preferred destination for those seeking branded items at competitive prices. Its convenient location and modern facilities ensure a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience for Eid.

Another Popular Shopping Malls in Dhaka

Metro Shopping Mall

Location: Conveniently located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Metro Shopping Mall is a bustling center that attracts a diverse crowd of shoppers with its wide range of offerings. The mall is situated near Dhanmondi 32 no road and 12 no road.. The address is 12/A, Dhanmondi, Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1209.

Type of Shops: Metro Shopping Mall boasts a variety of local brands, household items, and gift shops, making it a versatile shopping destination. Shoppers can discover a comprehensive selection ranging from apparel and accessories to electronics and home decorations. Additionally, the mall houses numerous dining establishments, offering visitors a spot to unwind and eat while on their shopping journeys.

Eid Shopping Suitability: Metro Shopping Mall is particularly popular during the Eid season, offering a wide selection of products suitable for Eid celebrations at affordable prices. The mall is known for its festive atmosphere during this period, with special decorations, events, and promotions that cater to the Eid shopping rush. Its comprehensive range of products and budget-friendly options make it an ideal spot for families and individuals looking to complete their Eid shopping under one roof.

Chandni Chawk Shopping Mall, Dhaka

Location: Nestled in the bustling heart of Old Dhaka, Chandni Chawk Shopping Mall is a pivotal hub for shopping enthusiasts. The market is situated opposite of famous New Market which is also near Dhaka University, Eden College and Dhaka College. Its strategic location near the historical sites and the business districts of Dhaka makes it exceptionally convenient and a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike. But, there have some misbehave case of sellers with customers.

Type of Shops: Chandni Chawk Shopping Mall is renowned for its lively collection of stores that accommodate a wide array of requirements and tastes. It is particularly famous for traditional Bengali wear, offering an exquisite selection of saris, salwar kameez, and lehengas that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh. Beyond clothing, the mall features shops selling footwear, accessories, fabrics, and handicrafts, along with several gold and jewelry outlets. Amidst these, there are also several bookstores, electronic shops, and general stores, making it a comprehensive shopping destination.

Eid Shopping Suitability: As the Eid festival approaches, Chandni Chawk Shopping Mall transforms into a bustling epicenter of festive shopping activity. It is exceptionally sought after for its wide range of traditional attire, which includes both contemporary and classic designs ideal for Eid celebrations. Shoppers flock to the mall to avail themselves of the competitive prices and the unique, high-quality items that cannot be found elsewhere. The atmosphere during the Eid season is electric, with shops adorned with festive decorations and offering special deals and discounts. This, coupled with the mall’s diverse selection of products, ensures a rewarding shopping experience that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Eid in Dhaka.

In conclusion, Dhaka’s shopping landscape offers an eclectic mix of traditional charm and modern luxury, making it a fascinating destination for shoppers from all walks of life. The top 10 shopping malls in Dhaka, as highlighted in our guide, merely scratch the surface of the city’s retail richness, each providing a unique shopping experience that mirrors the diverse cultural and economic tapestry of Bangladesh. Whether you’re on the hunt for cutting-edge fashion, classic Bengali fabrics, or anything that falls in the middle, the malls and markets in Dhaka stand ready to satisfy your shopping ambitions. Ultimately, shopping in Dhaka is more than just a transaction; it’s an adventure that offers insight into the heart and soul of Bangladesh. From the bustling alleyways of traditional markets to the gleaming floors of luxurious malls, each shopping destination tells a story of tradition, innovation, and community. We hope our guide to the top 10 shopping malls in Dhaka enriches your shopping experience and invites you to delve deeper into the vibrant retail scene of this dynamic city.

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